Partner With Us

Credit: CDC/ Cade Martin

Credit: CDC/ Cade Martin

The Illinois Prevention Research Center (PRC) is focused on finding practical, scientifically informed strategies to address public health concerns in Illinois, especially those to reduce chronic disease and health disparities.

Whether you are a foundation, state health agency, community organization or other community stakeholder, we can partner with you to improve the health of vulnerable Illinois communities.

  • We work with you to leverage your unique insights throughout the entire research process from identifying an issue and setting goals to conducting research that produces practical health promotion strategies.
  • We work to ensure our research culminates in strategies that are economically and socially feasible and culturally appropriate for the communities in which you work and live.
  • The CDC selected the University of Illinois at Chicago as a PRC through a competitive application process, and we work closely with the national program office to design, implement, and disseminate public health research. Our affiliation with a federal public health agency increases opportunities to disseminate our solutions to diverse communities across the United States.
  • At Illinois PRC, you will find scientific expertise in policy and environmental influences on population health behaviors, including healthy eating, active living, and avoiding tobacco use. Learn more about our research.

We at the Illinois PRC may be able to help advance your programs, policies and interventions to increase health-promoting behaviors in Illinois.

Here are some examples of how the Illinois PRC works with communities and organizations:

  • With CDC funding, we work with the Chicago Park District to evaluate its program to renovate over 300 playlots in the city over five years.
  • With CDC funding, we work on special interest projects to improve cognitive health of older adults, increase cervical cancer screening in low-income countries, help people with epilepsy improve the quality of their life, and determine how zoning codes increase walkability.
  • We provide scientific data to inform policy proposals of local school districts and health departments.
  • We support grant applications for public health studies and interventions by local health departments through technical assistance or as collaborating partners.
  • We evaluate local programs, policies and interventions intended to improve public health with scientific rigor.
  • We provide testimony for public health agencies and we meet with community leaders and residents in the communities to share what we are learning about influences on their health.

Do you need a scientific partner?

We welcome opportunities to partner with foundations, health agencies, community organizations and other community stakeholders in pursuing scientifically informed, community-based strategies to address public health goals, especially those to reduce chronic disease and health disparities.

We are happy to discuss how we may help advance your community health goals. For more information, contact Amber Uskali, MPH, the deputy director of the Illinois PRC, at