Creating Accessible Tools for Park Advisory Council Leaders

MidAmerica Center for Public Health Practice produced online training modules that are helping to build capacity among Park Advisory Councils

Creating Accessible Tools for Park Advisory Council Leaders

The Illinois PRC is committed to providing community members with training resources to develop and sustain park coalitions in their neighborhoods. The Parks Study team produced online training modules for Park Advisory Council (PAC) leaders.

PAC online training modules

Accessible online training modules*, produced by University of Illinois at Chicago’s School of Public Health’s MidAmerica Center for Public Health Practice, the Illinois PRC’s training arm, help community members and PACs organize events, finance PACs, and improve the safety and maintenance of parks. As part of the ongoing work of the Illinois PRC to build local capacity to increase park use, PAC members were recruited/asked to participate in these training modules.

Training modules:

  1. Enable participants to develop and execute programs that will increase park use.
  2. Develop and sustain partnerships to increase PAC infrastructure.
  3. Develop leadership skills to enhance individual and collective impact.

Stay tuned for additional products such as Park Supervisor training modules on community engagement and a video highlighting successful PACs in Chicago Parks.

To learn more about volunteering in Chicago parks, visit the Chicago Park District volunteer page.

Interested in joining a PAC at your local park? Visit the Chicago Park District PAC page.

*PAC training modules will be publicly available and linked by February 2019 at the Annual PAC Conference.

About the Banner Image. Leah Givhan listens and learns alongside community leaders at the 2018 PAC conference. Photo by the Chicago Parks Foundation.


Although Yadira is the newest addition to the Parks Project, she is quite familiar with Chicago Parks and has participated in various park programs such as dance, swimming, and volleyball for nearly 20 years.