Public Health Practitioners Engage in Complete Streets Initiatives And What if You Write an Essay About it?

PAUSE Epilepsy Study in the News!

People with epilepsy living in areas with higher crime rates may have more seizures. This finding from the Illinois PRC PAUSE’s study has generated a flurry of media attention. rockford-blog-1426993

One Year after the Opening of a Healthy Food Financing Initiative-Supported Supermarket, Researchers Find No Change in Availability and Type of Foods and Beverages Offered at Surrounding Small Food Stores

The opening of an HFFI-supported supermarket in a community that did not have a supermarket for nearly 30 years improved the retail food environment by offering and advertising a wide variety of healthy foods and beverages. img_1838-900x499-2539960

Engaging Public Health in Complete Streets

Illinois PRC investigators are working on a project to identify how public health practitioners can engage in Complete Streets initiatives, which promote more active and safe transportation.

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