LA CARE: Alzheimer's Resources for the Latino Community in Chicago

The Latino Alzheimer’s Coalition for Advocacy, Research, and Education (LA CARE) is helping the Latino community in Chicago obtain greater access to Alzheimer's education, family support services, and research opportunities.

LA CARE: Alzheimer’s Resources for the Latino Community in Chicago

The prevalence of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias is increasing at an alarming rate among Latinos, especially compared to non-Latino whites. This upsurge is creating a situation for individuals and families that is quite challenging as they search for caregiving resources, options in Spanish, and then follow up with providers; all while trying to live normal, daily lives.

One Chicago-based organization has developed a tool to meet the needs of this growing population.

The Latino Alzheimer’s Coalition for Advocacy, Research and Education (LA CARE) is dedicated to empowering individuals with or at risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and their families to obtain greater access to education, family support services, and research opportunities.

A group of researchers, caregivers, providers, and community partners in Chicago formed this coalition in 2010.

LA CARE considers advocacy for caregiving support services, research, and education to be essential components of addressing the Alzheimer’s disease (AD) health disparities seen in the Latino community.  

One key product of LA CARE is the recent Resource Directory , which provides a framework of services that caters specifically to the Latino/a community in the Chicago area. It is available for individuals and families living with symptoms or a diagnosis of memory loss. Information on medical/diagnostic services; community services; care options; caregiver support and education; legal and financial services; and research opportunities are all included in the Resource Directory.

So if you or someone you know is concerned about their memory, looking for bilingual/bicultural providers, interested in their care options for a loved one, or wanting to participate in brain health research, the Resource Directory is a great place to start.

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David X. Marquez, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Kinesiology and Nutrition and UIC Healthy Brain Research Network Principal Investigator; original member of LA CARE; and is Adjunct Associate Professor with the Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center. Follow him on Twitter @DrDavidMarquez.