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Zoning in on Walkability: How Land Use Regulations Foster More Pedestrian-Friendly Communities

New Urbanist principles strive to improve the pedestrian experience so that communities and their resources are accessible even to those who do not have a car.

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PAUSE Epilepsy Study in the News!

People with epilepsy living in areas with higher crime rates may have more seizures. This finding from the Illinois PRC PAUSE’s study has generated a flurry of media attention.

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One Year after the Opening of a Healthy Food Financing Initiative-Supported Supermarket, Researchers Find No Change in Availability and Type of Foods and Beverages Offered at Surrounding Small Food Stores

The opening of an HFFI-supported supermarket in a community that did not have a supermarket for nearly 30 years improved the retail food environment by offering and advertising a wide variety of healthy foods and beverages.

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