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Dr. Lisa Powell, Illinois PRC director, discusses the PRC mission and goals at the 2015 Change Institute.

Dr. Lisa Powell, Illinois PRC director, discussed the center’s mission and scientific goals at the 2015 Change Institute.

The Illinois Prevention Research Center (PRC) is committed to sharing information useful to communities and their stakeholders as promptly as possible.

Review recent presentations (PDFs) from the Illinois PRC about our mission, community collaborations, and research on this page.


The Illinois PRC is one of 26 Prevention Research Centers in 24 states, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for 2014–2019. Learn what sets our PRC apart from others in a presentation (PDF) by our principal investigator, Lisa Powell, PhD.

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In our core research project, a team led by Sandy Slater, PhD, is evaluating the Chicago Plays! Initiative, a five-year project to renovate more than 300 playgrounds throughout the city. Learn about our parks study in this presentation (PDF) delivered at the American Public Health Association’s 2015 annual meeting.


As part of the Managing Epilepsy Well Network, an Illinois PRC team is testing a Web-based approach for teaching adults with epilepsy how to reduce the impact of seizures on their lives. See the presentation (PDF) by Dilip Pandey, MD, PhD, and Jeffrey Loeb, MD, PhD, about their intervention, called PAUSE to Learn Your Epilepsy.

Global Health

Rural communities in Senegal, regional health officials, the Senegalese Ministry of Health, Peace Corps Volunteers, and researchers — in both Senegal and the Illinois PRC — are working together to increase early detection of cervical cancer. Learn about this partnership and research in a presentation (PDF) by Karen Peters, DrPH, and Andrew Dykens, MD, MPH.


Even in a food desert, some food is sold. How does a local community’s food retail environment change after a federally supported full-service supermarket opens? Learn about our plans to evaluate the Healthy Food Financing Initiative’s impact on two low-income African American communities in this presentation (PDF) by Lisa Powell, PhD, and colleagues.

Physical Activity

How do zoning codes intended to promote active living influence the physical activity of adults in travel for work and their leisure time? In this presentation (PDF) by Sandy Slater, PhD, MS, to learn about Illinois PRC’s contribution to the Physical Activity Policy Research Network.

Worker Health

As part of the Workplace Health Research Network, the Illinois PRC focuses on underserved workers and is conducting a pilot study of physical activity of home care aides. These slides (PDF) discuss the work of Naoko Muramatsu, PhD, Lisa Brosseau, PhD, and colleagues.

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