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Our communications aim to achieve these goals:

  • Disseminate scientific evidence to improve environment, programs and policies supporting health-optimizing behaviors.
  • Foster translation of this evidence from academia to actual practice and policy.
  • Promote use of evidence-based programs and policies.
  • Enhance the capacity of communities to promote health and prevent chronic disease, especially communities burdened with high incidence of chronic disease and its risk factors.
  • Support the communication goals of our community partners, other Prevention Research Centers and others who share our scientific and public health aims, especially to promote healthy behaviors and reduce health disparities in vulnerable communities.

Below is a list of peer-reviewed articles published by Illinois PRC scientists on research related to our mission.

Global Health

Demment MM, Peters K, Dykens JA, et al. Developing the evidence base to inform best practice: a scoping study of breast and cervical cancer reviews in low- and middle-income countries. PLoS One. 2015 Sep 1;10(9):e0134618.


Slater S, Pugach O, Lin W, Bontu A. If you build it will they come? Does involving community groups in playground renovations affect park utilization and physical activity? Environ Behav. 2016;48(1):246-265.

Physical Activity

Chriqui JF, Nicholson LM, Thrun E, Leider J, Slater SJ. More active living–oriented county and municipal zoning is associated with increased adult leisure time physical activity—United States, 2011. Environ Behav. 2016;48(1):111-130.

Chriqui JF, Leider J, Thrun E, Nicholson LM, Slater S. Communities on the move: Pedestrian-oriented zoning as a facilitator of adult active travel to work in the United States. Front Public Health. 2016 Apr 18;4:71.