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At the Illinois PRC, training is one of our key offerings to public health practitioners. We seek to increase the capacity for public health practitioners to use evidence-based practices for planning, implementation, and evaluation of disease prevention initiatives oriented to changes in policy and the environment.

In 2015, the Illinois PRC partnered with the MidAmerica Center for Public Health Practice, UIC School of Public Health, and the Cook County Department of Public Health, for a two-day training conference. Next week, we’ll we’ll be heading to Springfield, Illinois to offer training at the Illinois Public Health Association’s 75th Annual Meeting.

Recap of 2015 Change Institute

To best serve the diverse needs of the public health practitioners in attendance, the conference sessions were divided into four tracks totaling over a dozen sessions. Tracks included sessions on active living, healthy eating, tobacco, and special skills.

Illinois PRC Sessions

The Illinois PRC Investigators, and Community Advisory Committee Members were among the Change Institute’s presenters. Presentations by Illinois PRC Investigators and Community Advisory Committee members included:

  • Welcoming remarks:  Christina Welter
  • Featured speakers Lisa Powell, Sandy Slater, and Gina Masuda Barnett
  • Improving Food Access by Changing the Retail Environment. Speakers: Angela Odoms-Young, Adam Becker
  • Impact of Land Use and Transportation Policies on Built Education and Physical Activity Behaviors. Speakers: Emily Thrun, Heather Schady, Leslie Phemister, Nancy Wagner, and Kasey Holloway
  • Transportation Equity Panel. Speakers: Melody Geraci, Ronnie Matthew Harris, Oboi Reed, Melissa Ballate, and Sean Terry
  • Evaluating Technical Assistance Efforts That Support Policy – and Environmentally-Oriented Change Initiatives. Speaker: Michael Fagen

A formal evaluation showed that the sessions were well received by conference participants.

Learn More

To learn more about the Change Institute or view video recordings and presentation slides from the Change Institute, go to the Change Institute website.

2016 Training Event with the Illinois Public Health Association

This year, our annual training event will be held in Springfield, Illinois. Join us at the Illinois Public Health Associations’ 75th Annual Meeting – Public Health on the Cutting Edge: Assuring Equity and Brokering Investment in Population Health, supported by efforts from the Illinois Prevention Research Center and the MidAmerica Center for Public Health Practice. The conference will be held in conjunction with the annual Illinois Oral Health Conference sponsored by the IFLOSS Coalition.

IPHA Annual Meeting Details

Hundreds of public health workers from across the state will gather for the two-day conference to participate in cutting edge professional development sessions from September 13-15, 2016 at the Wyndham Springfield City Centre in Springfield.

Visit Public Health on the Cutting Edge: Assuring Equity and Brokering Investment in Population Health to learn more about the conference.

If you are a public health practitioner interested in receiving a free conference registration, please contact [email protected] .