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The University of Illinois at Chicago — Chicago’s public research university — is one of 26 academic research institutions nationwide designated as a Prevention Research Center by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to work with vulnerable communities on new ways to promote health and prevent disease.

Illinois Prevention Research Center

Supporting Policy and Environmental Change

Directed by Dr. Lisa Powell, the Illinois PRC conducts research to promote health, especially behaviors that improve physical activity and nutrition or reduce tobacco use. We work with communities to increase physical activity by improving access to the built environment and use of neighborhood parks. We collaborate in national networks to identify gaps in research and develop innovative approaches to improving public health that can be shared broadly with public health partners.

News + Events
PAPRN Complete Streets Project

PAPRN Complete Streets Project

Illinois PRC investigators are working on a project to identify how public health practitioners can engage in Complete Streets initiatives, which promote more active and safe transportation.
Illinois Prevention Research Center – Training 2018

Illinois Prevention Research Center – Training 2018

The Illinois PRC training team aims to increase reach and dissemination of policy and environmentally-oriented knowledge, attitudes and skills.
Creating Accessible Tools for Park Advisory Council Leaders

Creating Accessible Tools for Park Advisory Council Leaders

The Illinois PRC is committed to providing community members with training resources to develop and sustain park coalitions in their neighborhoods. The Parks Study team produced online training modules for Park Advisory Council (PAC) leaders.